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Venous & Arterial Access

Venous & Arterial Access Trainers

The Virtual I.V. is a comprehensive, fully interactive self-directed learning system for training intravenous catheterization. Powerful 3D graphics provide visual realism, while a state-of-the-art force feedback device accurately simulates the sense of touch for a truly immersive experience.

Virtual Phlebotomy is a comprehensive, self-directed learning system for training phlebotomy from the novice to the expert level. Powerful 3D graphics and a force feedback device provide absolute realism in appearance and feel when performing the procedure, creating an immersive environment that promotes involvement and learning.

Lifelike model of human torso with detachable right arm designed for the insertion care, and removal of common long-term vascular access routes.

Lifelike adult male arm reproduction with infusible arteries designed for training the proper arterial puncture procedure for blood gas analysis.

The Infant IV Leg is designed for training extremity venipuncture procedures and intravenous fluid administration in the superficial veins of the foot.

Infant IV Leg

Lifelike reproduction of infant leg allows students to master infant intraosseous infusion techniques.

Infant IO Leg

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