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Downloads for SimMan 3G Plus

Directions for Use


5.2 MB - English

User Guide SM3G PLUS(CHN)

80.8 MB - Chinese

User Guide SM3G PLUS(CHN)
User Guide SM3G PLUS(KR)

20.6 MB

UG SimMan 3G PLUS Korean
User Guide SM3G PLUS (FR)

80.7 MB - French

User Guide SM3G PLUS(IE)

80.7 MB - English

QSG SM3G PLUS multi language

3.8 MB - Multilingual

QSG Humeral IO Arm

3.7 MB - Multilingual


SimMan 3G PLUS Sellsheet(FR)

1.5 MB - French

SimMan 3G PLUS Sellsheet

- English


Patient monitor 2.4 config patch

0.2 MB - English

This patch fixes an issue where the Patient Monitor application does not start up correctly and may show an error message when started due to a corrupted configuration file. This patch requires that Patient Monitor version 2.4.0, 2.4.1 or 2.4.2 is installed.
VCA Patch 2.4.1

45.9 MB - English

This patch fixes the volume level issues from 2.4.0
SimMan 3G patch for software version 2.1 - for selected HCSSC scenarios only

47.8 MB - English

This patch ensures that the following scenarios developed by Healthcare Simulation of South Carolina works as intended, by changing the Intra Cranial Pressure scale from 12-70, to 1-100: Medication Administration Procedural for SimMan 3G (1 scenario, Vital Signs Procedural Steps for SimMan 3G (1 scenario), Pain Wong Baker for SimMan 3G A-E (5 scenarios), Pain Numeric for SimMan 3G A-E (5 scenarios), Urinary Catheterization Female for 3G Simulator (1 scenario), Urinary Catheterization Male for 3G Simulator (1 scenario), Nasogastric Tube Insertion for 3G Simulator (1 scenario), Practical ACLS training and testing scenario set (new version 12) (19 scenarios** ** The older versions of “Practical ACLS” are not affected. However, the coming new versions that comply with 2010 ACLS guidelines will require the SimMan 3G patch in order to run correctly. It is important to note that the patch is ONLY needed if a user intends to use the scenarios listed above for student assessment purposes. It is not required for any other use. If a user does not intend to purchase & run the 34 affected HCSSC scenarios described above, the current SimMan 3G software (version 2.1) works as intended with SimStore.

Laerdal Debrief Viewer

107.7 MB - Multilingual

This version has no changes made to it compared with version 2.2.1 – except for correcting a spelling mistake in Japanese.

The only reason to upgrade to version 2.2.2 is if you want to run the application in Japanese for SimMan 3G, simMan Essential Bleeding and SimMan Essential.

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