An ideal trainer for basic and advanced learning, the NEW Standard Venipuncture Arm utilizes unique skin-locking and modular vein systems to accurately simulate venipuncture, IV cannulation, and IV infusion training.

The skin locking feature ensures the model is easy to re-skin whilst maintaining the lifelike palpability and haptics of the underlying basilic, cephalic, dorsal metacarpal and median cubital veins. Precisely mirroring a male right arm, the model effectively simulates real-life venipuncture occurrences, including blood flashback and the use of digital pressure to stem flow. The realistic arm skin and a new innovative vein gripping mechanism work in unison to further enhance realistic and repeatable training, whilst a cost-effective modular vein system promotes ease of use and reduces waste.

A robust Gravity System Blood Supply allows for efficient learning in a classroom environment.