MegaCode Kid with VitalSim

Indispensable to any paediatric ALS course

A six-year-old child manikin including all of the features you would expect for teaching ALS skills, including an intraosseous leg.

- Intubation (oral and nasal)
- Manually generated carotid pulse
- Multi-venous IV training arm with replaceable skin and veins
- Right intraosseous infusion leg with tibial tuberosity and medial malleolus landmarks

VitalSim Vital Signs Simulator:


  • Synchronized variable rate, rhythm, abnormalities and duration
  • Programmable scenario base algorithms and waiting rhythms for instructor control
  • 3 – 4 lead ECG, pacing and defibrillation capabilities (25 – 360 j)


  • Selectable library of heart, lung and bowel sounds
  • Vocal Sounds - computer generated sounds, mixed with voice input (via microphone sold separately)

Control unit can be connected to PC using USB cable for:

  • Uploading and running up to ten scenarios programmed using PC Scenario Editor
  • Downloading up to 25 logs for "after action" review/debriefing