Debrief from the Bedside to the Roadside

Increase the educational impact of debriefing your in-situ simulations by incorporating synchronized audio, video, and simulation information. SimView™ Mobile is the portable resource for an integrated capture and debriefing system. SimView Mobile can be easily transported and set-up to enable you to record three video streams, the patient monitor, and audio in one debriefing file.


  • Grab-n-Go with SimView Mobile’s backpack to record in variety of environments
  • Designed for portability and simplicity
  • Quickly and easily set-up the cameras and audio
  • Run LLEAP software from SimView Mobile to control simulations while you record
  • Share files with faculty and students
  • Free Session Viewer software allows staff and students to playback files and edit/annotate event log
  • Upload files from SimView Mobile to SimView server for storage and or playback
  • Debrief onsite immediately after your in-situ simulation or save the file to view later
  • Annotate event logs for comments, medications, events, correct/incorrect steps
  • Move back and forth along the timeline to highlight specific areas for review



SimView Mobile is pre-configured to run when you are ready. From the included Quick Set-Up Guide, you simply match color-coded connections established for the cameras and hub to form the system. Your audio source is also pre-set so you can position it where you want to pick up interactions.


Complement your SimView Server:

SimView Mobile is an excellent companion product to SimView server.  SimView Mobile allows you the flexibility to move out of your simulation lab to run in-situ simulations. Whereas SimView server is traditionally used for fixed simulation centers.  Your recordings from SimView Mobile can be uploaded to SimView server.

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