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Laerdal-SonoSim Procedure Trainer

Providing learners with an opportunity to practice using real ultrasound imagery in a safe yet realistic simulation environment, the Laerdal-SonoSim Procedure Trainer offers a unique training solution for ultrasound-guided procedure techniques for central line cannulation. 

Scan real patient cases in a safe, virtual ultrasound environment

Key Features

Essential procedure skills
The Laerdal-SonoSim Procedure Trainer provides educators with the ability to train learners in necessary skills for performing successful ultrasound-guided procedures for central line placement. Learners can practice probe placement, vessel identification, and needle tip tracking and manipulation in a safe yet realistic simulation environment.

The patented SonoSim® Skillbox is included with each Laerdal-SonoSim Procedure Trainer. Featuring 5 ultrasound-guided procedure training cases, the SonoSim® Skillbox gives learners the opportunity to learn fundamental skills, such as probe orientation and manipulation, compression, and Doppler.

Real patient anatomy
The Laerdal-SonoSim Procedure Trainer provides learners the valuable opportunity to train on 20 real patient ultrasound data sets at 6 different procedure sites: bilateral internal jugular veins, bilateral femoral veins, and bilateral subclavian veins. Learners will encounter realistic imaging landmarks and artifacts that will be a daily part of their procedures on real patients.

Versatility, durability, and ease of access
No ultrasound machines are needed to use the Laerdal-SonoSim Procedure and image quality will never degrade. One Laerdal-SonoSim Procedure Trainer provides training at 6 different central vein cannulation sites and is easily repeatable.

Automated expert instruction and guidance
The Laerdal-SonoSim Procedure Trainer provides learners with instant expert instruction and guidance before, during, and after the procedure. Findings videos narrated by an expert practitioner guide learners through procedural technique and major anatomical landmarks. If at any time during the procedure the learner needs extra assistance, guides can be accessed to show ideal probe placement. When the procedure is completed, learners are given detailed feedback.

Scalable platform
The Laerdal-SonoSim Procedure Trainer is designed to accommodate future ultrasound-guided procedure training cases. More cases can be added in the future via software upgrades without the need to purchase new equipment.

Collaborating with leading partners

Through our partnership with SonoSim, a global leader in ultrasound training, Laerdal extends its ability to improve patient safety and help save more lives. Our solutions are simple to use, affordable and designed to maximize training impact.