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Tr Hd Injury SM EsB-Cap
12 Scenarios

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The twelve (12) patient cases included in the Trauma: Head Injury & Bleeding scenario set are developed to train healthcare professionals and students at different levels, military personnel, first responders, trauma team members, and others who participate in the care and management of serious and life-threatening physical injury.

The cases are divided into two modules containing the following diagnoses:

Bleeding: Gunshot upper left arm, Multi-trauma due to a motor vehicle collision, Stab wound to the abdomen, Traumatic arm amputation from blast injury, Traumatic femoral fracture, Traumatic leg amputation

Head and spinal: Acute subdural hematoma and seizure, Blunt head and thoracic trauma, Cervical spine injury, Diffuse axonal injury, Severe concussion, Thoracic spinal cord injury


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