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EmPrep-Terr ALS Sim-Ann
25 Scenarios

Nº do item: SMS4257A
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Your emergency response team needs to be prepared for any disaster.

Our “Emergency Preparedness Scenarios – Terrorism” can help you accomplish just that.

This scenario set contains 25 scenarios divided into five modules, each containing five cases that address different levels of exposure and/or personal damage.

The scenarios within each module may be used individually or in multiples to simulate a mass-casualty scenario. A five-patient, multi-casualty case will provide learners with an opportunity to practice and evaluate their ability to identify personal and public safety hazards, recognize and assess terrorist attack casualties, and perform multi-casualty triage, and emergency medical management.

The simulation scenarios are designed to encourage learners to assess and manage the casualties to determine correct priorities and enhance operational assignments. The learning objectives and case studies have been developed to provide fidelity within the simulation, determine the appropriate level of complexity and provide adequate debriefing opportunities.

Scenario Group 1 (five cases): Nerve Agent
Scenario Group 2 (five cases): Improvised Explosive Device (IED)
Scenario Group 3 (five cases): Blister Agent
Scenario Group 4 (five cases): Cyanide Agent
Scenario Group 5 (five cases): Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD)

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