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Inter Obs Training-Ann
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The Interprofessional Obstetrics Training Scenarios contain eighteen (18) birthing scenarios that offer educators the ability to provide realistic and challenging scenario-based simulations associated with giving birth. The scenarios address major learning objectives enabling learners to practice the skills required for successful deliveries.

The Interprofessional Obstetrics Training Scenarios allow training in both basic and advanced maternal care by helping improve the learners’ competence and confidence through the benefits of simulated team training to include:

• Assessment and management • Critical thinking skills • Team communication • Debriefing and learner reflection and remediation

The eighteen scenarios are divided into the three stages of a delivery. The scenarios can be used in a variety of combinations depending on the learner’s level of competency. The scenarios can be used as single cases to allow instructors to work with learners in a manner that allows for more coaching and hands-on time for the learners. A scenario from each of the three stages can be used sequentially to enact a complete delivery situation.

• Eight (8) scenarios represent the first stage of delivery.

• Seven (7) scenarios focus on different birthing situations that may occur during the second stage of delivery. These scenarios require learners to apply appropriate techniques in order to deliver the infant safely.

• Three (3) scenarios focus on the third stage of delivery including delivery of the placenta and managing hemorrhage.

The scenarios are specifically developed for use with the PROMPT Birthing Simulator.


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