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Adv Ped LS (APLS)-Cap
6 Scenarios

Nº do item: SMS6249C
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The Advanced Pediatric Life Support Scenarios is a set of 6 scenarios that are based on the principles from the Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS) program. The scenarios are designed to teach the knowledge and skills necessary to assess and manage the critically ill or injured child in the first half hour after arrival to the emergency department or office-based setting, and to train an organized team approach to the emergent situation.

The scenarios can be used as part of a traditional APLS course, or as part of any course or program aimed at teaching advanced pediatric life support. The scenarios offer emergency physicians, pediatricians, nurses and allied health professionals an opportunity for training realistic, case-based emergency situations.

Four scenarios are made for an emergency department setting, and two can be used in either an emergency department or an outpatient setting.

The scenarios are developed by expert authors from both the AAP and ACEP and are made for use with the SimJunior simulator operated by LLEAP or SimPad.

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