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ACES Cases-Ann
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The ACES Unfolding Cases (Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors) are designed to advance the care of older adults through simulation experiences specifically developed to help learners understand their complex needs. There are four unfolding cases, each containing a combination of simulation scenarios and standardized patient scenarios. A unique feature of the ACES cases is the unfolding case concept, where an introductory monologue and 3 scenarios present the same patient at 4 different points in time. The case evolves over time in a way that is unpredictable to the student, thereby emphasizing individualized aging, complexity of care and vulnerability during transitions and helping students to understand the importance of continuity in care. There are a total of 4 unfolding cases with the set. While each of the scenarios within each case can be purchased individually, students will learn much more if they work through the entire case

Blended Learning with Scenarios and vSim® for Nursing
The ACES Unfolding Cases can be used alone or together with vSim® for Nursing Gerontology (purchased separately). Used together, the products form a blended learning program that includes scenarios for human patient simulators, virtual simulations and online curriculum materials such as reading assignments, pre- and post-simulation quizzes, documentation assignments, and guided reflection questions.

All 12 scenarios from this set can be found in vSim® for Nursing Gerontology. For additional information about vSim® for Nursing Gerontology, click here:


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