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The Simulation in Nursing Education – Health Assessment Scenarios is a set of 10 scenarios designed for nursing students in an assessment or equivalent introductory course.

The scenarios address learning objectives that focus on fundamental nursing care concepts and encourage the participants to perform a systematic assessment of the patient, identify and prioritize basic patient problems, and initiate key communication for safe and effective patient care.

Together the scenarios and the LLEAP, SimPad, or SimPad Plus compatible Laerdal simulator allow students to practice a broad range of nursing skills, and offer faculty the ability to provide realistic and challenging scenario-based simulations to help students build competence and confidence.


Blended Learning with Scenarios and vSim® for Nursing
The Simulation in Nursing Education – Health Assessment Scenarios can be used alone or together with vSim® for Nursing Health Assessment (purchased separately). Used together the products form a blended learning program that includes scenarios for human patient simulators, virtual simulations and online curriculum materials such as reading assignments, pre- and post-simulation quizzes, documentation assignments, and guided reflection questions.

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