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Check your PC Compatibility

LLEAP and Laerdal Patient Monitor Compatibility Guidelines

Not running LLEAP or Laerdal Patient Monitor software on a Laerdal supplied PC?

Here are the full compatibility specifications.

Windows Edition
(Installed memory)
Hard drive
Screen Resolution
CPU mark



8 GB
or more
200 GB free
or more
1366 x 768
or higher
Intel core
2.5Ghz or
Intel Core
i3 (10th
or higher)

or higher


As of LLEAP 8.2 Windows 8.1 is no longer supported.

Need help finding your computer's specifications? Click here

Configuration guidance for LLEAP

USB ports should also be available for each desired device:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Headset 1
  • Logitech webcam c920, c920C, c930e
  • SpO2 probe
  • ELO 2
  • SimMan/SimBaby LinkBox 3 4

Additional notes:

  1. Headset - Also compatible with 3.5mm jack
  2. ELO - Requires a graphic port (VGA) and an audio line out.
  3. SimMan/SimBaby LinkBox - Requires a comport (9-pin serial connector) or USB2COM adaptor.
  4. SimMan/SimBaby LinkBox - Also requires one audio line out - this can be shared with ELO
  5. To use your simulator in a wired set you will need an ethernet switch.