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LLEAP Features

LLEAP Features

Plan for an optimal experience

Simulation is not only about technology, techniques and skills. You also need insights into communication, teamwork, and leadership.
Use LLEAP to plan for a good start.

Find scenarios on Laerdal Scenario Cloud 

Discover hundreds of pre-programmed scenarios mapped to clinical guidelines, developed by industry-leading experts. 

Create your own scenarios - or let us help you

Develop custom themes and scenarios to match your curriculum using SimDesigner. With this free tool, users can create pre-programmed content. 

Resources at your fingertips

Support materials including learning objectives and debriefing points are an integral part of implementing simulation training and are included with every scenario found on Laerdal Scenario Cloud.

Customize and share 

Themes and scenarios designed for LLEAP or SimPad simulators can be tailored to your needs, easily shared, and modified simply with the help of SimDesigner.

Run realistic simulation sessions

Get a bird’s eye view of every event during the simulation. Annotate, record and facilitate to make sure every learner gets the best educational experience.

Plug & play

Use one LLEAP PC to control all LLEAP compatible simulators.  Or, if you are running multiple simulations simultaneously, add additional LLEAP PCs for mix and match operation.

Tailored operation

Choose the operating mode that works best for you and your faculty. Run on-the-fly (Manual Mode) or utilize pre-programmed scenarios (Automatic Mode ) for a simple and effective way to run a simulation.

Event registration

Use “tap to log” event keys to quickly register events. Logged events, as well as events detected by the patient simulator, can automatically drive the scenario forward.  

Easily adjust parameters

Use drop-down menus and slider bars to quickly change blood pressure, pulses, sounds, and more.  You can also start, pause or fast forward your simulation.

Timers and trends

Built-in controls allow you to easily transition patient parameters realistically over time. 

Custom pop-up messages

Notify the Instructor about anything, at any time, using “Instructor messages”.  They pop up on the screen to enhance the simulation experience.


Many Laerdal simulators allow you to measure the quality of CPR during training.  LLEAP records compression rate and depth, ventilation rate and volume, hand position, and more.

Immersive training

With LLEAP, instructors have control over all parameters, giving a seamless and immersive training experience for the learners. Add realism to training with a simulated patient monitor and SimStart

Remember everything

Add time stamped actions to the data log, bookmark important events and capture notes throughout the simulation.

Assess every learner

Use LLEAP to give valuable and individual feedback for better learning potential.

Integrated with SimCapture

LLEAP now integrates with B-Line Medical’s SimCapture video debriefing systems. This powerful combination will give users the best in-class experience for driving and debriefing simulations. 

Flexible debriefing

LLEAP supports two types of video debriefing. Either facilitator-led feedback utilizing video debriefing with the SimCapture Platform. Or, non-video debriefing with our Session Viewer. This provides users with easy and flexible options for enhanced learning.

Review logfiles 

Review the session from start to finish or jump to a specific timestamped event. Use the search feature to easily find events and interventions.

HD video capture

Enhance your debriefing with a HD-quality video stream of the simulation session using SimCapture or Session Viewer. Audio, patient vitals, and scenario log file are compiled in one file for easy review. 

Multiple camera recordings

Record up to four streams of video for utilization in debriefing. Choose from fixed and pan-tilt-zoom digital HD, analog, and web cameras.

Custom views within SimCapture

Use basic view to quickly skim the scenario log file or expand the log for a detailed view of events, patient vitals, and annotations.

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