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PROMPT Flex Caesarean Section Module

PROMPT Flex Caesarean Section Module

Section Module

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Works with PROMPT Flex Simulators - Light (LIM-80100 & LIM-80106)

This product is ideal for practicing the necessary skills required when performing a cesarean section. Trainees can have exposure to delivering a difficult baby such as a deeply impacted head, or a transverse lie.

The module can be used to practice any of the following methods of delivering a deeply impacted fetal head:

  • Routine maneuvers
  • Assist from a vaginal hand (push technique)
  • Reverse breech extraction (pull technique)
  • Use of a fetal pillow

This module includes two surgical pads for incision and suturing, along with a pre-incised abdomen for repeated delivery practice, to help improve confidence and familiarity of maneuvers.

This product is available in a dark skin-tone (LIM-80203).


    • Abdominal and uterine wall opening and closure
    • Cephalic and breech delivery
    • C-section at full dilation:
      • Routine manoeuvres
      • Assist from a vaginal hand (push technique)
      • Reverse breech extraction (pull technique)
    • Use of a fetal pillow
      • Transverse lie
      • Instrument assisted C-section delivery
      • Delivery of the placenta
      • Teamwork and human factors training in emergency Cesarean section
      • Application of fundal pressure


  • Uterus holds baby firmly in position for normal and transverse lies, breech and cephalic presentations
  • Uterus support positions baby and directs it towards the pelvis/abdominal incision when fundal pressure is applied
  • Pre-incised Delivery Only Skin option allows easy repeat loading of baby into the uterus
  • Surgical pad allows realistic dissection and closure and is reversible to allow 2 uses
  • Single/double in situ uterine wall closure
  • Suturing of rectus sheath, fat and subcuticular or cutaneous skin closure
  • Accommodates retraction using metal, plastic or rubber retractors
  • Abdominal skin has realistic appearance and soft feel of at-term abdomen
  • Realistic feel of uterus interior during delivery
  • Head presents at realistic level once incision is made
  • Optional insert to allow presentation of head just below ischial spines for Cesarean section at full dilation
  • Latex free
  • Surgical pad has following anatomical layers: 
    • Skin
    • Fat
    • Superficial epigastric vessels
    • Rectus sheath
    • Rectus muscle
    • Parietal peritoneum
    • Visceral peritoneum
    • Bladder
    • Muscular uterine wall
    • Amniotic membrane
  • LIM-80170 1 PROMPT Flex Uterus
  • LIM-80171 1 Pre-incised Delivery Skin Light
  • LIM-80172 1 Cesarean Section Abdominal Skin Light
  • LIM-80173 1 Cervix Light
  • LIM-80138 1 Cesarean Section Perineum Light
  • LIM-80175 1 Foam Support
  • LIM-80176 1 Full Dilatation Pelvic Insert Light
  • LIM-80104 2 Cesarean Section Surgical Pads Light
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