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Top 3 Products for Simulation on a Budget

Use these solutions to support your simulation-based training, engage learners, and make the most of your funding.

Often times, we find ourselves helping our clients appreciate that maximum fidelity does not always translate to better learning. As a manufacturer of high-fidelity patient simulators, this advice may seem counterintuitive. But we stand by the principle that simulation training is a means to achieve your learning goals – whatever they may be. The most important question to ask yourself is "What is my desired learning outcome?"

Depending upon your answer to this question and the resources that you have on hand, a high-fidelity simulator may actually be the solution you need. In many cases, though, high-fidelity simulation may be too intimidating to a student who needs a lower-fidelity experience first as a starting point.

Here, we share three products that can enhance your simulations and help you achieve your learning goals at minimal expense!

When your organization is trying to maximize the allotted budget, these three products can provide the necessary support to bring your training to life. For more information on any of these products, you may reach out to your local Laerdal representative.

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