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Nedlastninger for ASL 5000 Lung Solution


ASL 5000 Sell Sheet

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LLEAP Patch for 7.3.0

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LLEAP Patch for 7.3.0, for older SimMan 3G who can't use LLEAP 8.0


This update is supplied to fix an issue where chest rise and lung sounds ceases on the SimMan 3G when used with ASL 5000 using a ventilator setting of PEEP 2 cm H2O or greater. The issue can also be resolved by upgrading to LLEAP 8.0.0. This patch should only be used if upgrade to 8.0.0 is not possible, e.g if using older SimMan 3G with XP embedded which is not supported on LLEAP 8.0.0 and onwards.

Important: ASL 5000 plugin needs to be uninstalled before patch installation and reinstalled afterwards. Remember to back up custom lung models when prompted during uninstall process and import again during install process after upgrade to patch.


    SimMan 3G updater might need several tries before the patch is installed on simulator
IngMar's ASL 5000 download site


Link to IngMar's website with UserGuide, software and Quick set up guide

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