Surgical Skin
C-section Prompt Flex

Varenummer: LIM-80172
Pris: DKK 3.989,00
Pris inkl. moms: DKK 4.986,25
Forventet levering indenfor 7-9 uger  

Replacement surround skin for PROMPT Flex Caesarean Section Surgical Pad (LIM-80104).

Part of the PROMPT Flex Cesarean Section Module (LIM-80103).

This product is available in a dark skin-tone (LIM-80272).


  • Skin has realistic appearance and soft feel of at-term abdomen


  • Part of the PROMPT Flex Range
  • Fits onto PROMPT Flex (LIM-80100 & LIM-80106)


  • Washable with soap and water



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