Penguin Suction Device

Babies’ nasal passages can become blocked for many reasons including exposure to viruses or irritation from allergens.  Clogged nasal passages can interfere with babies’ ability to feed, and in very young newborns, their ability to breathe.  Designed to clear babies’ airways, the Penguin is made of one piece of silicone making it easy to clean and durable, able to withstand hundreds of uses. The Penguin was developed to support basic newborn resuscitation courses like Helping Babies Breathe, aimed at improving newborn outcomes in developing countries.

To Suction:

    • Squeeze the Penguin body and keep it squeezed
    • Insert the nozzle into the baby’s nose or mouth
    • Release the squeeze slowly to suction
    • Extract the Penguin from the baby

To Empty:

    • Squeeze out the contents of the Penguin body into the sink, water container, towel, or similar
    • Repeat suction as necessary

To clean:

    • Open by bending the Penguin's neck
    • Wash and scrub in soapy water
    • Flush water through the Nozzle and Head
    • Boil in water for minimum 10 minutes *
    • Let the unit dry completely before storing

 * The Penguin can also be disinfected by autoclaving or chemical disinfection.