What is Laerdal LINK Technology?

Laerdal LINK Technology will provide feedback for assessment of:

  • Correct pad placement
  • Time spent from administering Quality CRP, to placing the pads, to delivering a shock.

These are some of the most important actions, during sudden cardiac arrest, where an AED is needed.


Obtain feedback with Laerdal LINK Technology

Practicing with feedback will improve patient outcomes.

Laerdal LINK Technology is the only solution that detects correct pad placement and sends an event to the session timeline in SimPad SkillReporter.


What products will I need?

A Laerdal LINK Technology
enabled manikin

A ShockLink™ or AED Trainer with
Laerdal LINK Technology

A Feedback Device

Resusci Anne QCPR
(QCPR AED version)


ShockLink allows you to connect live defibrillators to training manikins

SimPad SkillReporter

Little Anne AED*

AED Trainer 3


AED Trainer 2


*Unique design feature for Little Anne AED

When using the AED Trainers with Little Anne AED, the AED will still require pads to be placed correctly but the instructor can use the remote to progress the training before correct placement is achieved and simulate errors.