The Circle of Learning

helping build competence

The Circle of Learning is a framework that identifies five modes of learning and illustrates an ongoing process of achieving competence. We believe that our full range of educational products and solutions will help build competence in an effective manner.

Knowledge Acquisition: the process of acquiring knowledge through resources such as textbooks, charts, anatomical models.

Skills Proficiency:
to develop psychomotor skills through repetitive practice with task trainers and manikins to master practical procedures.

Computer Simulation: is the use of computer programs that provide intelligent feedback over a range of difficulty to develop decision-making and critical-thinking skills that increase educational efficiency.

Simulation in Teams:
is group practice of realistic scenarios to improve teamwork, leadership and communication. Using simulation a wide variety of clinical conditions can be simulated in controlled environments to produce standardized experiences.

Clinical Experience:
is learning through reflecting on the treatment of real patients, personal tuition, and the exchange of knowledge with colleagues.

Laerdal is dedicated to delivering valuable educational products and solutions that will meet your needs regarding educational efficiency, economic value, and clinical accuracy.