CFPT Mod 2:Large Fibroid
Nulliparous Ectr. Cervix

Referencia: LIM-60921
Precio sin IVA: € 458,00
Precio c/IVA: € 554,18
Plazo de entrega estimado a 7-9 semanas  
Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer Mk 3: Moduel 2

Large fibroid - Nulliparous Ectropion Cervix module for use with CFPT Mk3 Advanced (LIM-60905) and Standard (LIM-60900)

* Please note that this module CANNOT be used with the CFPT Mk 2 - Standard or the CFPT Mk 2 - Advanced


  • As part of the Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer Mk3 for hands-on examination experience


  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water


  • Latex free



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