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PROMPT Flex Labor Progress Simulator

PROMPT Flex Labor Progress Simulator

Progress Simulator

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The PROMPT Flex Labor Progress Simulator Light provides a versatile cervical dilation and effacement training solution, for assessing both the latent and active first stages of labor. Skills:  Compitency in: - Cervical dilation (1-10cm) - Cervical effacement (0-100%) - Cervical consistency (soft, medium, hard) - Cervical position (anterior, mid, posterior) - Fetal station (-3 to +3) - Head position: occiput anterior, occiput posterior • Artificial rupture of membranes • Identification of presenting parts - brow, face, breech • Caput and molding • Communication and teamwork skills • Bishop’s scoring • Identification of approximated or overriding sutures Features • Inserts to represent early labor cervixes - effacement, dilation and ripeness in line with Bishop’s scoring • Dynamic positioning mechanism allows adjustment of dilation in active labor • Markers allow tutor to read positioning in situ • Numerous presenting part inserts including flexed, deflexed, brow, face, breech, caput and molding • Realistic pelvic floor • Stretchable perineum • Soft, flexible birthing canal Contains:  LIM- 80120 Birthing Mother (+Upper Legs) Light LIM-80124 Abdomen for PROMPT Flex Light LIM-80102 PROMPT Flex - Cervical Dilatation & Effacement Module Light Carry case
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