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Un acheté, un offert

Helping Save Lives Through Innovative Partnerships


The National League for Nursing and Laerdal Global Health share a common goal: enhancing health care to save lives. Our unique partnership has powered the development of innovative, evidence-based solutions that support active learning and empower students to think like nurses as they prepare to meet the challenges of nursing in today’s complex healthcare environments.

To foster our joint mission of improving education for healthcare providers around the globe, Laerdal is pleased to offer our Buy One, Gift One program. Through this initiative, the MamaNatalie and MamaBirthie simulators will be used to train many thousands of birth attendants in low resource countries.

Un acheté un offert

Pour chaque simulateur d'accouchement MamaNatalie ou MamaBirthie acheté à Laerdal Medical et dédié à la formation dans les pays avec un niveau de vie élevé, un simulateur est automatiquement offert pour la formation dans les pays à faible revenu, dans le cadre du programme Helping Mothers Survive.

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