All the Prehospital patient cases are set in a prehospital environment including initial scene as well as in an ambulance. The learner has access to most of the tools and drugs that are available in an ambulance as well as the initial scene. The case below illustrates how MicroSim can solve educational and economic needs for an institution with prehospital training needs.

Case: Regional Ambulance Service

What goals can MicroSim help you accomplish?


An ambulance service has three ambulance stations located in remote locations. There are a total of 80 healthcare professionals at various professional levels. They receive their continuing education from the ambulance service through a third-party education provider at a central location three times per year.

The remote location of the ambulance stations makes it expensive to send staff to central locations for training. The cost of taking the healthcare professionals out of service for not only the training time, but also the travel time, strains the ambulance service. In addition to that, the travel and training costs are forcing management to consider cutting the amount of training. This might, however, reduce the professional competency level of the staff, which would be unacceptable to management.


  • MicroSim is installed on two computers at each of the three remote locations

  • Staff take the MicroSim course at their ambulance station, completing five patient scenarios every month

  • The central training is now only conducted once a year

  • The training records are sent automatically to the central office every day through CMS for record keeping



  • Reduced transportation costs as a result of more distance

  • learning

  • Improved efficiency of staff–they spend more time on-site for training

  • Reduced external course costs, as part of the training is covered by MicroSim