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Top 5 errors new nurses make

Top 5 Errors New Nurses Make


Medication Errors

Medication errors cause at least one death every day and injure approximately 1.3 million people annually in the United States. Medication errors can result from poor communication, misinterpreted handwriting, drug name confusion, dosing errors, labeling and packaging confusion, or a lack on understanding about a drug's directions. 


Infection Issues

Hospital infections account for 99,000 deaths in American hospitals alone, each year. The toll is not just in human suffering. Hospital-acquired infections are estimated to add $45 billion in unnecessary costs to annual hospital costs.


Charting Errors

Charting includes assessment, intervention, and patient response. Accurate documentation is essential for maintaining patient safety. Inaccuracies or omissions can result in adverse outcomes. 


Communication Errors

It is essential for new nurses to have the right information before making decisions to escalate cases. Communication break-downs are frequently cited as causes of medical errors.


Falling Accidents

Falling accidents are sometimes a result of medical errors. One way to help address falling accidents is to prevent them from happening in the first place by understanding the causes and circumstances of previous accidents; identifying and assessing vulnerable patients and implementing a range of intervention. If an accident does occur, it is essential to reducing harm by promptly and effectively treating any injury. It is also important to learn from circumstances by continually reviewing local risk management systems to understand where, when, and why patients are most vulnerable to falls.