Over the past 35 years, Laerdal Silicone Resuscitators have proven to be a leader in reusable silicone resuscitators.  The new design enhances convenience and maintains the outstanding quality, efficiency and economy that healthcare professionals have come to rely on.


·        Transparent silicone material provides excellent bag re-expansion and is resistant to extreme temperatures

·        Superior feel of lung compliance helps reduce risk of over inflation

·        New sizes: Adult, Pediatric and Preterm.

·        New integrated Intake/Reservoir Valve for efficient oxygen delivery and ease of cleaning.

·        See through one-piece Laerdal Silicone Mask with Multi-Function Mask Cover

·        Material allows for various cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization methods.

·        New Pressure Relief Valve setting on Paediatric and Preterm models.

·        All components latex-free

·        Various configuration and storage container options.

·        Private label and storage container options available.




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