Its unique 300ml canister system coupled with a variable vacuum regulator, with an LED display gives you the power and control you need to quickly clear a blocked airway.

An AC/DC enabled, field changeable, NiMH battery pack also gives you enough power to get the job done.

So when you need quality suction, there’s now no need to run back out to the rig for your primary suction unit.



Carried to every call:

Unique 300ml Disposable Canister system with rotating elbow and integrated filter protection.

The LCSU3 300ml can easily be converted into the LCSU3 800ml configuration by purchasing the 800ml Disposable Canister pack (Item No. 88005004) and Wire Canister Bracket (Item No. 88005006)

The Laerdal Compact Suction units 3 300ml Configuration includes:

The LCSU3 300ml complete package which includes an, LED Control Panel and Regulator, Internal Battery, AC to DC Adapter/Charger, AC power Cord, Directions for Use and the unique disposable single 300ml Canister system with integrated filter and rotating elbow.