Family & Friends CPR Anytime has been updated to reflect new science in the official 2010 American Heart
Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care, including an
emphasis on Hands-Only™ CPR for adult sudden cardiac arrest.

CPR Anytime is an “all-in-one” training kit that teaches the following basic skills in about 20 minutes:
· Adult Hands-Only CPR
· Child CPR (including delivery of breaths)
· Adult and child choking relief
· General AED awareness

CPR Anytime allows users to learn skills anywhere, from large group settings to the comfort of their own homes. This kit is designed to be shared among close family and friends. For every kit distributed, it is estimated that 2.5
additional people are trained. In fact, some CPR Anytime programs report that as many as 7-8 additional people per kit receive training. CPR Anytime teaches CPR using the AHA’s research-proven “practice while watching” technique, which allows users to watch and learn lifesaving skills while practicing on a personal manikin. The fully bilingual (English/Spanish) kit helps extend lifesaving training to more people.

Completion of the CPR Anytime kit does not result in receipt of an AHA course completion card.

Product Specifications:
The CPR Anytime kit includes the following components:
· 1 bilingual (English/Spanish) Family & Friends CPR Anytime DVD
· 1 poly-bagged Mini Anne® CPR personal manikin
· 1 bilingual (English/Spanish) Family & Friends CPR Anytime Skills Reminder Card
· 1 Mini Anne replacement lung
· Manikin wipes

Bilingual (English/Spanish) instructions for use are printed on inside of product box.

Intended Audience:
Family & Friends CPR Anytime is intended for the general public, specifically anyone who wants to learn basic CPR
skills, choking relief and AED awareness, and does not need a course completion card to meet a job requirement.


Replaces old part # 80-1066 and 80-1421.