Nursing Baby is an infant manikin designed for scenario-based training of the care and management of a variety of infant in-hospital patients. Training includes sounds auscultation, IV and IO skills, fontanelle assessment, urinary catheterization and general pediatric patient care. This infant is unrivaled for clinical training in core pediatric in-hospital clinical skills.


Product benefits:

·          Educationally effective for training of in-hospital infant skills

·          Pre-programmed scenarios provide standardized training while customizable scenarios and real time instructor control allows adaptation to meet individual students needs

·          Effective education in the special care of infant patients

·          Economical and educationally efficient skills and scenario based trainer for care and management of a variety of common and uncommon in-hospital infant patients in multiple clinical settings and hospital transport

·          Durable, rugged and lifelike; made to withstand years of use


Product features:

·          Normal, bulging and depressed fontanelles for assessment and diagnosis

·          Head with anatomical landmarks, trachea and esophagus along with simulated lungs and stomach allow the practice of many procedures, including NG, OG, tracheal care and suctioning

·          Bilateral deltoid and bilateral thigh intramuscular injections are possible

·          Articulating IV arm and IV leg allows for practice of IV cannulation, medication administration, site care and maintenance

·          Medication and fluid administration through intraosseous infusion allowed via tibia access with landmarks at the tibial tuberosity and medial malleolus

·          Gastrostomy tube opening for care and feeding

·          Presents normal and abnormal heart, breath, and bowel sounds for auscultation

·          Interchangeable genitalia allows for urinary catheterization with fluid return, rectal temperature simulation, and administration of suppositories

·          Pre-programmed scenarios aid educators in standardizing teaching