Designed for basic patient care simulation, the Patient Kelly combines durability with modular design making it the perfect starter manikin.

  • Head with nostril and mouth openings facilitates NG tube insertion for gastric lavage and gavage
  • Trach opening for tube placement and care
  • Bilateral forearm IV pads
  • Deltoid, dorsogluteal, ventrogluteal, and vastus lateralis intramuscular injections possible
  • Belly plate with interchangeable stoma locations facilitates colostomy and ileostomy care and colostomy irrigation
  • Interchangeable female and make genitalia with reservoirs facilitates urinary catheterization and enema procedures using fluid for realistic return
  • Subclavian IV, various ostomy and chest tube openings for site care and maintenance

Includes Full-body, Adult Male Manikin, Manikin Lubricant, Hospital Gown and Assembly Tool Kit.