• Trauma head cover
    • Avulsed ear
    • Avulsed eye with unequal pupil
    • Lacerated lip, neck and skull
    • Impaled object in cheek
    • Open skull fracture
  • Seat belt contusion with compound fracture of clavicle (lay-on)
  • Compound fracture - radius (sleeve)
  • 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-degree burn arm (left)
  • Hand with open fracture of index finger, exposed tendons, multiple lacerations (sleeve)
  • Abdominal wound with exposed viscera (lay-on)
  • Impaled object in thigh
  • Compound fracture - femur
  • Lacerated foot with amputated small toe (right foot)
  • Projectile entry/exit wounds (small and large caliber)


100-10001 First Aid Training Manikin
101-10001Extri Kelly
201-10001Crash Kelly
201-00001Ultimate Hurt