Resusci®Anne SkillReporter™ (Discontinued)

This product was discontinued in 2013. Please visit <a href="resuscianne">Resusci Anne QCPR</a> for more information about the new Resusci Anne product line. </br> </br> Parts and consumables for the discontinued product lines will be supplied until end of 2018.

The Resusci Anne SkillReporter is an adult CPR training manikin that focuses on student performance through printed reports on ventilation and compression compliance. In addition, first aid and extrication practice can be incorporated into the learning by adding the optional first aid and rescue limbs.

Product benefits:

  • Educationally effective by focusing on the performance level of key CPR skills and techniques
  • Cost efficient through easy to use and maintain disposable airways
  • Realistic full-body anatomy and landmarks provide the essential features necessary to learn realistic victim handling and quality adult CPR skills
  • Enhanced student motivation through use of the optional SkillReporter module that allows both real-time CPR performance feedback during training and a comprehensive post intervention performance report for instructor-to-student debriefing
  • Modular design allows various limbs to be attached to enhance training

Product features:

  • Natural obstruction of the airway allows students to learn the important technique of opening the airway so that in a real-life situation they know how to effectively administer air to the victim
  • Head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust allows students to correctly practice airway maneuvers necessary when resuscitating a real victim
  • Occluded airway with hyperextension stresses proper head position
  • Realistic resistance for chest compressions allow the students to experience the amount of pressure needed to perform proper chest compressions in a real life situation
  • Anatomically correct landmarks and sternal notch allow the students to practice identification of all anatomical landmarks relevant to adult CPR
  • Articulating arms, legs, and head allow realistic weight and handling of an adult during obstructed airway maneuvers
  • Carotid pulse simulation to realistically check for pulse
  • Disposable non-rebreathing airways are suitable for use by more than one student during class and are quick and easy to change after each training session
  • SkillReporter CPR performance module provides immediate objective feedback on ventilation duration and volume, compression depth, and hand position, and allows a comprehensive printed report for student performance documentation and debriefing
  • Removable/reusable faces allow each student to have their own mouth-to-mouth face and offers easy after class cleaning and sanitation