Family & Friends CPR Anytime is a personal learning product that teaches lay people, in the comfort of their own homes, the core skills to perform Adult and Child CPR in just 22 minutes.

CPR Anytime instructs the user in a “practice-while-watching” (PWW) format with the aid of a 22-minute instructional DVD (includes both English & Spanish on the DVD) and a Mini Anne manikin with integrated adult/child compression clicker.

The Family & Friends CPR Anytime program is based on the traditional AHA Family & Friends CPR Awareness Program and has been research-proven to be equivalent to taking a traditional course for learning the core skills of CPR.

  • Mini Anne CPR and CPR-AED Skills Learning Program benefits you and your community.
    Personal CPR learning kit in group settings in your community or work place.
  • Kits can be used with large groups or individually with family and friends 30-minute “practice-while-watching” instructional DVD that teaches effective CPR skills.
  • “Multiplier Effect” creating more potential lifesavers.
  • Kit contains everything you need to learn how to recognize and respond to a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.
  • These programs have been research proven equivalent to their respective CPR courses for learning the core skills of CPR.

Each kit contains:

  • A personal, inflatable CPR Manikin (Mini Anne)
  • CPR Skills “practice-while-watching” instructional DVD
  • Replacement Airways
  • Manikin Wipes

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