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HSVR Child&Infant Poster
Pack, Set of 8

Item Number: 15-1029
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This 8-poster set includes posters illustrating the steps of CPR AED and choking relief for children and infants.

Following are the specifications for the Heartsaver Child and Infant Poster Pack:
· Set of 8 posters, including
o 2 Heartsaver Child CPR AED
o 2 Heartsaver Child Choking
o 2 Heartsaver Infant CPR
o 2 Heartsaver Infant Choking
· 11" x 17"
· Full color
· Printed on 80# text gloss paper
· Packaged flat in a 19.0" x 12.25" x 0.875" cardboard box

Intended Audience:
The AHA’s Heartsaver posters can be placed in many common areas at any worksite (such as lunchrooms, break rooms, fitness centers, and meeting rooms) to provide employees and designated first responders a quick reference to recall the steps of CPR AED and relieving choking. These posters also can be used as a promotional tool to emphasize the importance of first aid and CPR AED training to prepare employees and rescuers to respond to a cardiovascular or first aid emergency.

Replaces old part # 90-1046

ISBN # 978-1-61669-437-1


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