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Item Number: 375-20001
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Designed for practicing urologic and rectal access gastrointestinal care procedures

Lifelike male pelvis with interchangeable genitalia and  wound modules for practice of urologic and rectal access gastrointestinal care procedures and wound care and assessment.

  • Realistic articulation enables proper positioning for procedures
  • Genitalia, with connectors and colon reservoir, facilitate enema administration using fluid for realistic return
  • Genitalia, with connectors and urinary reservoir, facilitate urologic procedures
  • Interchangeable wound care modules add realism
  • Ventral gluteal, dorsal gluteal and bilateral thigh IM injections possible


Includes: Adult Male Pelvis with upper thighs, 1 Male Genitalia, 1 Female Genitalia, 3 Urinary Connector Valves, 3 Anal Connector Valves, 2 decubitus ulcer modules, 2 thigh wound modules, 1 Carry Case and Directions for Use


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