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Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning Workshop

Educational Services

Helping you assess the current state of your program, identify needs, and provide strategic direction.

Building a Successful Simulation Program That’s Sustainable

We believe that simulation training for nursing education professionals is pivotal in our common goal to improve patient outcomes. But what makes a simulation program successful and sustainable long-term? The industry has put forth a combination of research, publications, industry standards and best practices, that when implemented well, work towards simulation success. The first step is to assess your program needs and define a strategic direction.

A Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning Workshop provides the opportunity to collect and analyze information and data, as well as explore and understand the needs and existing resources in your nursing program. Our understanding of the industry and inner workings of simulation learning methodology and solutions will ensure that the technology you have or need works in harmony with your nursing program's simulation goals.

Workshop Objectives

  • Align strategy for your simulation program to organizational initiatives
  • Identify barriers and solutions for successful simulation
  • Reinforce industry standards and best practices
  • Build on existing simulation-based efforts
  • Facilitate utilization of already existing equipment
  • Leave you with tools to guide you through strategic pulse-check and implementation cycles for continued success

How the Course is Delivered

This one-day workshop is delivered on-site at your facility by our Simulation Education Program Specialists. Prior to the workshop, we will survey stakeholders at your institution to aid in deliverying a comprehensive assessment.

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