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Downloads for SimPad PLUS

Directions for Use

SimPad PLUS Quick Setup Guide Multilanguage

5.5 MB - Multilingual

How to update SimPad PLUS and simulator


This document explains how to update the software on your SimPad PLUS, Link Box and simulators
Quick Guide WiFi setup

1.2 MB - English


Network Requirement Document

0.7 MB - English

This document describes the requirements for setting up a network on pre-existing infrastructure specifically for Laerdal simulation devices.


SimPad PLUS 8.7.0


Updates in this release:

  • Laerdal Connect integration.
  • Patient Monitor color control
  • Patient Monitor toggle peripheral temperature from SimPad.
  • Auscultation button for SimJunior.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • BP Trainer not detected.
  • SimBaby Brachial pulse not getting absent intil BP = 0.
  • VT type 1&2 remame to VT Mono&Poly.
  • Wifi: GUI for hidden Enterprise PEAP network.



Simulator update

  • Updating Nursing Anne Simulator, SimNewB and SimBaby can take up to 60 minutes. Wait for a steady green light on the manikin.
  • Resusci manikins the update can takes up to 5 minutes.


SimPad PLUS 8.6.0

- Multilingual

Updates in this release:

  • Easier access to help material via QR code
  • Improved Automatic Mode:
    • Scenarios using input dialoges are now supported.
    • Hiding events after clicking sub events is now supported.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • SimNewB and SimBaby: Misleading icons on arm seizure indicating movement on feet and head fixed.
  • Manual Mode: Fixed issue where it was not possible to add new states to a Theme if all states were removed.
  • SimBaby Tracheostoma: Fixed issue where intubated simulator would not have chest rise on ventilations.
  • Rescuci Anne Simulator with paddles would display an updating simulator message at startup.
  • Nursing Anne Simulator: would sometimes require double press to power down.
  • Resusci Anne Simulator: Fixed flow fraction calculation did not reduce score if heart rhythm was VT.
  • Fix for error in Japanese translation.
  • Fix for SimMom reporting wrong arm pulse checked.



Simulator update

  • Updating Nursing Anne Simulator, SimNewB and SimBaby can take up to 60 minutes. Wait for a steady green light on the manikin.
  • Resusci manikins the update can takes up to 5 minutes.


SimPad PLUS 8.1.9

- Multilingual

Update to SimCapture regions:

  • Sourth Korea is added to SimCapture region.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for SimMan ALS lung resistance not working correct.
  • Fix for virtual pacing when connected to LLEAP.
  • Fix for vocal sound, did not play when running adult scenario on baby mankin and the other way around.


New features, improvements and bug fixes from 8.1.0:

  • WiFi signal strength for simulator.
  • Accurate CPR score when doing ventilations and compressions at the same time.
  • ERC Guidelines 2021.
  • SimCapture select locations and capture nodes.
  • Fix when typing wrong password on enterprise wifi network.
  • Changes to manikin selection screen.
  • Display both custom vocal sounds from theme and default vocal sounds from manikin.
  • Simulator might hang on shutdown.
  • Manual Mode some values were not possible to add and store to theme states.
  • Supporting more than 8 SimCapture nodes.
  • SimNewB ventilation airway panel, displaying correct volume.
  • Saving custom adhoc WiFi channel
  • Adding extrasystole artifact to Anterior AMI heart rhythm.
  • Voice Conferencing Audio would sometime not reconnect on poor network.
  • Hearth rhythm icon for Sinus 60 years updated to reflect the correct ECG curve.
  • Warning banner for simulator connection did not automatically disappear after simulator reconnect, fixed so that user no longer has to manually dismiss.
  • SimNewB Lung recruitment was easier to complete on second attempt – corrected so that equal effort is required on each attempt.
  • Shallow and irregular chest rise on SimNewB corrected.
  • Fix for a problem where no CO2 curve would be shown when performing ventilations while having VFib rhythm activated .
  • A misleading error message that was shown when connecting to SimCapture if camera nodes were turned on has been improved .
  • Improved handling of loss of connection during CPR training: it is now possible to continue the CPR training after regaining a connection.
  • For Nursing Anne Simulator, SimNewB and SimBaby limb movement will now stop, and eyes will close when blood pressure goes to 0/0 .
  • Fix for an issue where sound on the Nursing Anne Simulator did not always match age and gender in session settings .
  • Fix for charging issues on LinkBox PLUS.
  • Fix for SimView/Session Viewer missing Performance tab.
  • Fix for SimNewB animation on Lung recruitment.
  • Fix for CPR not showing when using Bluetooth connection.
  • Improvement on VCA that stops working.


SimPad SkillReporter (BLS) fix after 8.1.0:

  • SimPad SkillReporter - BLS Learner Assessment storing logfile with Save & Upload button.
  • SimPad SkillReporter: Correction of impact of hand position on overall CPR scoring.
  • Fix for downgrading BLS manikins.


    Simulator update

    • Updating Nursing Anne Simulator, SimNewB and SimBaby can take up to 60 minutes. Wait for a steady green light on the manikin.
    • Resusci manikins the update can takes up to 5 minutes.


    SimPad Theme Editor 1.3.1

    3.8 MB - English

    SimPad Theme Editor is a PC software tool for creating Themes for the SimPad system when operated using the Manual Mode. The program allows you to easily make new Themes with States and Interventions. The new version is no longer an online tool. Please download and install SimPad Theme Editor localy on your computer.

    • Dependency on Microsoft Silverlight removed, so that Theme Editor can be used without Silverlight installed.
    • Minor changes to user interface.
    SimPad PLUS 7.4.5


    Changes in this release:

    • Session logfiles on Standardized patient are not stores if user quits session.


    Changes from version 7.4.0:

    • Nursing Anne Simulators will have a new option in Session Information to change the default age and gender of the manikin (per now it only affects prerecorded sounds).
      • Age and Gender Setup button is only visible when connected to a Nursing Anne Simulator .
    • Voice Conferencing Application (VCA) improvements.
      • Occasional aliasing on VCA has been improved.
      • Prerecorded sounds will in some cases sound loud through the instructor headset, a button to automatically mute instructor headset when playing prerecorded sounds has been added.
    • Fix Vocal sound on SimMan ALS.
    • Fix flow fraction score for BLS Instructor.
    • Fixed issue with Nursing Anne Simulator, SimNewB and SimBaby where they would sometimes not connect after running first session.
    • Corrected problem where SimPad would sometimes not connect to internet enabled services such as Laerdal Scenario Cloud.
    • Fixed ShockLink update issue where some devices would fail to update to newest version.



    Updating to Windows 10?
    • Using SimLink or Custom ad hoc network on SimPad, and considering upgrading to Windows 10 on your computers for Laerdal Patient Monitor?
      • Microsoft ended their support for this type of network with the release of Windows 8. From Windows 10 the equipment will need to use a separate simulation network.
    Windows 7
    • Patient monitor 8.0.0 and newer will not support Windows 7


    • Updating Nursing Anne Simulator, SimNewB and SimBaby take up to 20 minutes. Wait for a steady green light on the manikin.
    • Resusci manikins are updated with new firmware, the update takes up to 5 minutes.

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