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Knot Tying Trainer

A comprehensive trainer for teaching all surgical knot tying techniques, including those specified in the GB and Ireland Intercollegiate Basic Surgical Skills Course.


  • One-handed reef knot technique
  • Instrument tie
  • Surgeon's knot
  • Slip knot
  • Tying in a small opening
  • Tying at depth vertically in a large opening
  • Tying at depth, at an angle, in a large opening


2 perioperative openings represented by:

  • Small, shallow fixed cylinder for tying in a small opening
  • Large, deep removable cylinder, reversible for angled abdominal and gynaecological depth tying


  • Light and compact
  • Cylinders are transparent to allow the trainer to observe and assess trainee competence
  • Unique magnetic system to represent tissue strength
  • Parallel knotting tubes are elastic for a realistic tissue response
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