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Further inclusive training with diverse skin types

Humanity: 6+ billion population growth in the last 200 years

Familiarize and Prepare with Visual
Representation in Simulation Training

The world is shrinking.

Technology and greater human movement have reduced past divides. Communities across the globe are growing and becoming more interconnected. Healthcare providers must be prepared to treat patients of all backgrounds and provide responsible care.

Long celebrated, simulation training enables participants to assess, diagnose, and treat a patient from beginning to end. By adding exercises with simulators of different skin tones, students gain a naturalness with treating patients who look differently in any circumstance.

Reduce unease in the unfamiliar

Incorporate Real-World Examples into Simulations

To better prepare for respectful care, it’s important to organize simulation scenarios around patients based on the people in the community. Take care to focus on including all members, particularly ones in isolated neighborhoods or not belonging to the mainstream. 

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