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Simulation Curriculum Integration Wrkshop 2day

Simulation Curriculum Integration Wrkshop 2day

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The Simulation Curriculum Integration Workshop is a blended learning course, which includes on-line modules from the NLN Simulation Innovation Resource Center (SIRC) followed by an on-site workshop facilitated by NLN Simulation Nurse Educators. This two-day workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to analyze their institution’s target program of study and/or course curriculum map to systematically integrate simulation teaching activities to appropriately align with program and course learning outcomes. Full-scale simulation scenarios, virtual simulations and evaluation will be systematically linked to the learning objectives for teaching, knowledge, skills and attitudes.  


  • Establish key initiatives and goals for the simulation program
  • Establish learning objective for simulation that align with program curriculum outcomes
  • Identify evaluation mechanisms related to the learning objectives and simulation scenarios

CEU credit hours = 18