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Debriefing Workshop Workshop

Debriefing Workshop Workshop

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The Debriefing Workshop is a blended learning course, which includes on-line modules from the NLN Simulation Innovation Resource Center (SIRC) followed by an on-site workshop. The workshop is a one-day evidence-based overview of debriefing methods for healthcare simulation conducted by NLN Simulation Nurse Educators. Learners will work together in small groups and experience many short activities during the didactic portion of the course. The highly interactive nature of this course will require learners to collaborate and participate in skill building activities. Learning will focus on quality of debriefing that includes role-play.


  • Discuss the foundations of solid debriefing
  • Demonstrate debriefing techniques grounded in critical theory
  • Define ways to operationalize principles across the curriculum

CEU credit hours = 8