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DifficultLabour-DeFlexed Incl Bones, Prompt Flex

DifficultLabour-DeFlexed Incl Bones, Prompt Flex

Item number: LIM-80164

Replacement deflexed difficult labour head for PROMPT Flex Cervical Dilatation & Effacement Module (LIM-80102). Includes frontal and deflexed parietal bones.

This product is available in a dark skin-tone (LIM-80264).

  • Detection and assessment of a deflexed difficult labor head at full dilation 
  • Adjustable parietal bones give the ability to alter the degree of molding
  • Realistic representation and feel of occipital and deflexed parietal bones during vaginal examination 
  • Part of the PROMPT Flex Range
  • For use with the Set of 3 Caputs (80162) and Difficult Labor Head Skin (80161), on both the Static Rig (80140) and Dynamic Rig (80141)
  • Difficult labor head can be set up outside the model for demonstration, then placed inside for examination
  • Washable with soap and water
  • Latex free
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