: 33 wounds, 20 blood capsules, concentraded artificial blood to be diluted in water, blood pump, special adhesive and spatula, alcohol and special coloring pencils for skin: red-blue-black.


Easy to use – Practoplast

1.      Place a few drops of adhesive on the imitation wounds, and spread it thinly and evenly over the surface with the plastic spatula

2.      In the same manner, apply adhesive to the skin, where the imitation wound is to be attached. The glued surface of the skin should be larger then the plastic wound.

3.      Let adhesive dry until clear. Then place the PRACTOPLAST wound on the skin. Wound will now adhere to the skin.

4.      After use, the wounds can be easily removed from the skin, and the adhesive can be easily pulled or wiped off the wound. Organic solvents (alcohols, gasoline, acetone, etc.) should NOT be used as this may damage the plastic wound.

5.      To remove adhesive from the skin, moisten with alcohol and scrub lightly with a brush.


Simulated Bleeding

Plastic blood droplets are fastened to the imitation wound, and the skin, using the Latex adhesive. Liquid blood can be simulated by attaching the cone-shaped spout to the blood bottle, and carefully applied to the wound area. Bleeding from artery or veins is simulated by using the tube and plastic bulb, supplied with the kit. The bulb is filled by attaching the cone-shaped spout to the bottle. Insert this spout into the tube part of the bulb and squeeze bottle firmly. When the bottle is squeezed, the bulb will fill with blood.