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2015 HSVR Poster Pack
Set of 12 rpl 90-1049

모델 번호: 15-1030
부가세 별도 가격: ₩ 52 000
부가세 포함 가격: ₩ 57 200
현재 재고가 있습니다.

This 12-poster set includes posters illustrating the steps of CPR AED and choking relief for adults, children, and infants.

Following are the specifications for the Heartsaver Poster Pack:
· Set of 12 posters, including
o 2 Heartsaver Adult CPR AED posters
o 2 Heartsaver Child CPR AED posters
o 2 Heartsaver Adult Choking posters
o 2 Heartsaver Child Choking posters
o 2 Heartsaver Infant CPR posters
o 2 Heartsaver Infant Choking posters
· 11" x 17"
· Full color
· Printed on 80# text gloss paper
· Packaged flat in a 19.0" x 12.25" x 0.875" cardboard box
· Heartsaver Adult CPR AED poster (product #15-1026) and Heartsaver Adult Choking poster (product
#15-1027) also sold separately.
· Heartsaver child and infant posters also available in the Heartsaver Child and Infant Poster Pack (product

Intended Audience:
The AHA’s Heartsaver posters can be placed in many common areas at any worksite (such as lunchrooms, break rooms, fitness centers, and meeting rooms) to provide employees and designated first responders a quick reference to recall the steps of CPR AED and relieving choking. These posters also can be used as a promotional tool to emphasize the importance of first aid and CPR AED training to prepare employees and rescuers to respond to a cardiovascular or first aid emergency.

Replaces old part # 90-1049

ISBN # 978-1-61669-438-8


* 반품/교환  환불 규정사항- 아래조건에 부합하지 않으면 반품 환불이 불가능합니다.

 1) 래어달메디컬코리아(유)에서 구매하신 상품에 대한 교환/환불은 구매 후 14일 이내에 당사 고객 서비스팀으로 신청하시면 상품 수취 후 3일 이내에 환불해 드립니다. 단 박스 또는 비닐 포장 개봉 후 반품/교환 및 환불은 불가능합니다.  

 2) 고객의 변심으로 인한 교환/환불 배송비는 고객 부담이며, 가급적 착불은 피해주시고 택배 기사분께 직접 배송비를 지불해주시기 바랍니다. 반송은 고객님께서 보내기 편하신 택배사를 이용해 주시면 됩니다. 

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HSVR Adlt CPR AED Poster

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