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The ECG ACS Ruler is a tool for acute coronary syndrome (ACS) electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis and recognition. It is an aid that:

  • graphically defines ACS ECG findings for heat injury, ischemia and infarction
  • gives directions how to measure ST deviation with a transparent "window" grid has 2 transparent grids calibrated to 25 mm/s paper,  -the "window" grid is placed over the ECG tracing to measure the ST segment at the appropriate time after the J point (0.04 second for ACS and 0.08 second for stresses testing) the interval grid is used to measure PR, QRS, and QT intervals
  • identifies infarct location with ECG graphics for specific leads for anterior, inferior and lateral infarct
  • lists normal values for PR, QRS, and QTc intervals
  • has ruler markings to estimate heart rate; inch; and cm

Intended for out-of-hospital and critical care departments (eg, ED healthcare providers, and other STEMI systems of care providers).