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Suspected Uncomplicated Novel COVID-19 Infection (ARI)

This scenario presents a 55-years-old male presenting in the emergency room with fever, coughing and generally feeling unwell. He returned from travel in an endemic area for COVID-19 1 week ago. The front desk has prioritized him to immediate examination and isolation.

The participants are expected to prepare equipment, don PPE, assess patients and triage to home quarantine, educate patients, communicate effectively with interprofessional team, escalate standard precautions for all patients and safely dispose of equipment and PPE.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize the suspected patients early and rapidly
  • Apply appropriate source control
  • Apply routine Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for all patients
  • Collaborate and communicate with the health care facility’s IPC infrastructure
  • Apply standard precautions according to presumed diagnosis at all times
  • Perform a primary assessment of a patient with a suspected acute respiratory infection
  • Distinguish between severe acute respiratory infection and acute respiratory infection
  • Obtain specimen for laboratory test according to safety procedures
  • Triage the patient according to the general principles for patients with suspected COVID-19 infection
  • Obtain patient history on personal and work relations
  • Advise patient on home quarantine
  • Coordinate safe patient transfer
  • Doff PPE according to procedure

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