More efficient CPR training

QCPR Technology is utilized to enable both instructors and trainees to more efficient and value of training time.

This enables you to:

  • More effectively facilitate training for individual and high-performance teams
  • Train in the environment pf your choice
  • Assess performance results of multiple individuals in real-time
  • Provide a team debrief while also focusing on individual performances

Conducting CPR on a child is a rare occurrence, so learning how it feels to perform CPR correctly is important to maximize the chance of survival during those critical moments of a child's resuscitation.

We consulted pediatric experts experienced in child CPR to ensure realistic resistance when compressing and appropriate chest rise when ventilating.

What is QCPR?

QCPR, Quality CPR, is a technology platform developed by Laerdal to help train providers on how to deliver guideline quality CPR in real-life emergencies. Achieving quality CPR can be difficult. There are many factors that contribute to survival from cardiac arrest but none as powerful as receiving high quality CPR. By following these simple steps, we can ensure that more lives are saved:

  • Measure the quality of CPR during training
  • Regular refresher training conducted - Just 30 minutes every 3 months would be enough
  • Use a live feedback device to measure the quality of CPR provided during therapy
  • Evaluate these measurements obtained during training and therapy to ensure quality and identify areas for improvement

Using a live feedback device can ensure QCPR is provided during an emergency by providing the live readings. These readings allow for small adjustments to be made whilst care is provided to ensure quality. This feedback is also logged so performance can be evaluated afterwards.

New product features:

  • Improved compression mechanism - humanlike and stable
  • Guidelines 2015 compliant - compression depth 50 - 60 mm, ventilation volume 100-240ml
  • Realistic ventilation for bag valve mask and mouth to mouth - chest rise, neck tilt and possible audible feedback
  • New electronics - Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) to allow easy connection to apps and SimPad
  • Battery operated, can also be used with main power
  • Training mat - doubles as a carrying bag

Not supported: SimPad (Discontinued) and PC SkillReporter

SimPad (Discontinued) is not compatible with Resusci Junior. We are planning a change-in campaign for the SimPad (Discontinued) to SimPad PLUS. The PC SkillReporter does not support Resusci Junior QCPR. PC SkillReporter is designed to support baby and adult guidelines. Including junior guidelines to this software is considered not feasible.