Easy to operate, the Symbio Rhythm Simulators are designed to meet both your training and equipment testing needs.

The 3-Lead CS301 version offers the following features:

  • 11 rhythms for defibrillator training
  • 6 rhythms for pacing
  • Capture during pacing
  • High-capacity discharge load - you can shock according to protocol
  • Visual indicator of energy delivered of 50 joules or more
  • Defibrillate/Cardiovert into waiting rhythm
  • Color-coded ECG snaps


The 12-Lead CS1201 version offers all the same features as the 3-Lead plus the following:

  • Patient connection and 10 connectors provide true 12-Lead analysis and interpretation
  • Additional arrhythmias include: Anterior ST Depression, Acute Anterior Wall MI with PVCs, Sinus Tachycardia with Right Bundle Branch Block, Inferior ST Elevations, plus more.

3-Lead version runs off 9-volt battery ; 12-Lead version is run off 4 AA batteries