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Rapid Resp Instr Course

Item Number: 211-90950
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Course Overview

The Rapid Response Team Training Instructor Course is a one day, train-the-trainer class designed to provide customers who have purchased the Rapid Response Team Training curriculum instruction on:

  • product components
  • educational delivery
  • key concepts
  • helpful hints when teaching and executing this curriculum

A SimMedical Instructor will travel to your facility and teach up to ten (10) participants.

Course Objectives

The objectives of Rapid Response Team Training Instructor Course are to:

  • Provide an in-depth walk through of all product components including instruction on how to use the guides, scenario tri-folds and debriefing and assessment tools
  • Explore implementation methods of this curriculum into your current and/or future educational program(s)
  • Assist in loading the pre-programmed scenarios
  • Provide hands-on practice using the curriculum product(s) including conducting multiple scenarios using the guides and supplemental learning aides, in addition to completing debriefing exercises utilizing the product assessment tools 

Course Prerequisites

  • Completion of Laerdal introductory manikin training classes
  • The manikin is unboxed and functional at your facility
  • Participation in a planning call with SimMedical to discuss your facility, training location, manikin and equipment availability, prior manikin training and travel logistics

Course Requirements

  • Audio visual equipment for recording and playback of the scenarios
  • Crash cart including a defibrillator
  • Internet access

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